Tammy Wynne

Tammy Wynne

I have been shooting pictures for as long as I can remember. My first camera was a blue and yellow Kodak 110, which was then passed down to my boys. My passion is motorsports, anything with wheels! I love to shoot car shows, races, teams and more. My favorite time is when I am at the track, catching the little moments, the ones that are sometimes overlooked, or lost in the moment, like a high five from a fan, or a big hug from a loved one after a great run.

I always have a camera with me. I have started to get into shooting Fire/EMS related items as well. The emergency responders are unsung heroes of our towns and communities. They give up their time to help people, regardless of when the call for help comes in.

I have a soft spot in my heart for animals, and my pup Dakota is always willing to pose. Some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken are in black and white of the horses that are up the street from where I grew up.

My photos are meaningful to me. Thank you for visiting my galleries, I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen.

If you would like more information about what I can do for your team, please contact me at garagetalklive@yahoo.com and I will be glad to assist you.

To see more of my work, please visit www.garagetalklive.com